Electronic Music Production Tuition by COMPATIBLE 101

Were you born to produce exceptional electronic music but currently lacking in knowledge, professional guidance or self-confidence in the studio?

Learn how to turn your musical ideas into singles, EPs and albums TODAY under world-class yet affordable supervision.

Guidance and training is delivered in an intimate, professional environment, allowing both beginners and experienced artists to obtain an extraordinary skillset quickly.

Straight-to-the-point tips, tricks and techniques are tailored specifically to the areas of production YOU would like to strengthen, with all coaching delivered exclusively on a one-to-one basis.

Our tutors have been showcased on the world’s most iconic underground labels, including Bedrock Records, Tulipa Recordings, Wiggle Records, Compatible Music, Baroque Records, Sound Avenue and many, many more.

All technical aspects are covered by our resident teachers, including (but not limited to) composition (percussion, melody, basslines etc.), track arrangement, mixing, mastering and sound design. We can also offer guidance on the nuances of promotion, branding and developing yourself as a stand-out artist in a heavily saturated industry.

Whether you require help in one, or all pathways, we are here to help.

We understand that committing to an elongated music production course is a big decision, and have therefore ensured we offer complete flexibility in our structure; individual sessions can be booked for as little as £15 per hour, with even more competitive rates assured if you decide to later invest in a monthly or quarterly package.

Everything has been tailored to suit YOUR requirements and to keep you in the comfort zone throughout.

We are currently enrolling new students but as these sessions are 1-on-1, there are of course very limited spaces available. Contact us now!


MODULE OVERVIEW: (Additional Modules can be provided upon request by our clients)

Production workflow

Handling Audio, MIDI, VSTi

Software and Analog Hardware integration

Genre Analysis and Focus

Working with Drums, Basslines and Melodies

Arranging Music

Creative Automation

Vocal Processing

Creating a Unique Sonic Identity in a Saturated Market

Synthesis & Sound Design



Mixing (Compression, EQ, Delay, Reverb, FX etc.)

What You Need to Know About Mastering

Understanding the Current Industry Flow


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